For more information call 1-800-451-7696
We travel coast-to-coast every 1 1/2-2 weeks.
Call 800-451-7696 for current trip dates.


 "I was impressed immediately with your drivers and the care they were taking with the horses already on the trailer. They were knowledgeable and patient when loading. We also appreciate the way you kept us informed as to when to expect the truck. Your company has shown us that you are much more reliable than most we have done business with."
-S. Blazer, Justamere Farm, WI.

"This is to everyone i spoke to during my miniature horse transfer. You are all a very reliable, first-class act. Thank everyone for their patience and understanding for someone who had never used a transport service before."
-B. McKeith, MI

"'Patches' and 'Nellie' arrived on Wednesday, it ws great to see them stepping down the trailer ramp. You were all wonderful to take such great care of our horses, especially 'Patches' who had that nasty bite on her neck before you picked her up. Thanks for calling the vet to see her, washing the wound, keeping it clean, and generally treating both horses as if they were your own."
-S. McCardell, CT

"I have never shipped a horse cross country before and you did not let me down! Not only are the prices reasonable, but the trailers are deluxe! My filly arrived in great shape, All-State exceeded all of my expectations. Your level of service and professionalism is the best."
C. Hanes, CO

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